How Long Can A Dab Keep You High

If you are a new comer to dabbing, you might be facing the question of how long does dabs stay in your system?

You might tried it at some point and remember your first time, maybe you don’t even have a clue as it was a long time ago, but it is a whole new experience. Many people associate the feeling with their first high, but maybe that tends to be an over statement.

Like a lot of weed related stuff, the amount you stay high with dabs is pretty much personal and will vary from person to person. If it is your first time, you might have a peak of about 2 hours and then about 2 more hours of residual effects.

One thing is for sure, the THC content of dabs is quite high so it’s bound to get you up in space. But if you are a frequent weed user, that is nothing for you to even worry about. Edibles call for much more warning as opposed to dabbing. Dabs stay in your system for some time however, so make sure you won’t be taking any drug test anytime after using them. It should be taken note that dabs stay in urine the same way weed does.

If you are a dabbing veteran, your peak high duration might gradually reduce and concentrates might lead to them giving you a little nug as opposed to a real high. Purists will vocally state that concentrates will ruin your smoking experience.

But with this said, a nug can still get you pretty high. These highs may be different but the higher THC content in dabs will surely not affect your enjoyment of the plant.

What are the things you should expect from your first ever dab?

Dabbing calls for a different process, but it’s not as hard as smoking weed. You will need to have a torch handy and a bit of timing to ensure you get an optimum hit. Heating your nail is easy, but to get the timing where it reaches the optimum temperature right will need some practice.

You don’t need to be a scientist to master the art of dabbing but it will take some getting used to in order for you to reach your ideal hit every time. The first one will probably be too big and you will burn yourself. But its no big deal as this is pretty common for first time users. After you are through with your coughing fit, you will then experience the relaxation and explosion of flavor brought to you by concentrates. Find out more at

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